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Rudi Repenning Design is the woodwork studio and showroom of designer Rudi Repenning. For over 25 years he created designs out of wood for South Florida.

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clean lines

I believe a design should become part of your daily life whether it is a table, kitchen cabinets, a bathroom vanity. It should not clutter your life but make it more spacious.


To achieve clean lines one should start with the utmost precision of joints, design elements, and function – I love seeing a design come together with exactness.

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I am working with a variety of wood from indigenous to imported but I prefer to work in reclaimed wood. My furniture and cabinets are mostly made out of Mahogany and Dade County Pine.

My custom woodwork includes interior built-ins like floor to ceiling libraries and bookshelves, kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities, and staircases.


Rudi Repenning

After studying woodwork and design in Sweden he escaped the dark winters for the sunny tropical world of Florida where he currently lives and works. In his studio, he focuses on designing and the fabrication of unique modern furniture. He combines the clean, simple lines of Scandinavian sensibility with that of Caribbean warmth and function. His custom woodwork connects the unique desires of his customers with the soul of the design itself.

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