Custom Woodwork / Interiors

Accepting an estimate you are also agreeing to the following terms:


Each custom project by Rudi Repenning Design (RRD) is handcrafted with attention to detail and expertise, which acquires concern and time. To maintain the quality of your project we do not do rushed or expedited projects. Please allow for the appropriated time and scheduling of your project.

The time estimate provided for completion of installation is RRD’s best estimate of the likely timescale. Installation and delivery dates can be influenced by backorder of vendors, natural disasters (like hurricanes) and unforeseen life events and thus RRD reserve the right to change the schedule accordingly. We cannot accept liability for any cost, losses or expense of whatever nature incurred by you as a result of any delays. RRD will always pro-actively communicate schedule changes.


Projects are only reserved and scheduled once a 50% deposit is received. Commencement of your project is based on your received deposit and scheduled slot. Final payment is due upon delivery/installation. MC, VI, DV, AMEX, and Checks are accepted. RRD reserve the right to claim interest on late payments and claim compensation for debt recovery costs. Payment for any additional work that has arisen and been agreed to during the fitting is also due immediately upon installation.


Estimates are only VALID FOR 60 DAYS. Quotations and estimates are subject to survey. The cost of all work included and essential to the project will be priced and confirmed in writing.


Any additional work is welcome but may be subject to further negotiation and carried out at the total discretion of RRD. All cost for additional work will be agreed before work begins and a written quotation provided. In the absence of any verbal or written quotation, a minimum hourly rate of $80.00 will be charged for any work carried out.


Our quotes do not include any budget for parking or towing expenses so please supply legal parking vouchers (where required) if not, it will be added to the final invoice.


Monday to Friday 9 am to 6 pm, Saturday 9 am – 3 pm, INCLUDING any time necessary to collect materials. Closed on Sundays.